Why having a DJ is imperative to your wedding day

Is having a DJ really that important for a wedding, especially if you’re not likely to have dancing (or alcohol) on your big day?

In a word: AB-SO-LUTE-LY.

Sutton2But why? What is the purpose of paying someone $300 or more when they’ll only be playing five or six songs that matter? Because this is the most exciting day of your life to this point. It’s one that you want to be special and perfect (though, rarely does perfect happen). DJ’s are the key to this. In fact, your DJ can and should act as your reception coordinator at least, and a really committed DJ will make sure your ceremony happens without a hitch.

Imagine all of your guests are sitting down to eat the wonderful food you’ve provided, but you’re ready to do your first dance. Without a DJ, how will anyone know? I guess someone could simply shout, “Hey! They’re gonna dance now!” and then push play on a music app. But is that how you want your guests to remember such an important event? What about the cake cutting? Again, “WE’RE GOING TO CUT THE CAKE NOW!” I can’t imagine this is what you’d planned for your big day.

15697756_557399917787347_3748070871849908881_n.jpgInstead, make sure your DJ has a microphone and a great voice so that part is easy. Let him or her introduce you and use both music and their voice to let everyone know the important parts of the reception are happening.

The ceremony is even more important. What if someone’s Bluetooth connection fails because of the other cell phones in the crowd? What if someone calls them in the middle of you walking down the aisle? The horror! Instead, make sure by hiring a DJ that your music not only plays without a hitch, but you’ve also got your officiant mic’d up so that everyone can hear them (and even possibly you if they have the right equipment).

Here’s how Big Daddy Outlaw will guarantee your wedding day will be great, even if you don’t think a party is the best use of your reception:

1. We take the time to understand your needs. We send a wedding song sheet with every contract, listing all of the typical events during a wedding so you don’t forget about anything! About 6 weeks out, we will meet with you to determine exactly what your music needs are met and to get a feel for the type of music you like. We then coordinate with you the timeline for the reception to make sure we know exactly when to play the right songs and let your guests know what’s going on.

2. We show up and we get there EARLY. Only once in my career have I had to cancel a wedding gig, and it was because of a snowstorm that prevented me from going anywhere. At every other event, we get there AT LEAST 2 hours ahead of time to make sure we are set up and ready in both the ceremony and reception locations so that equipment that must be moved can be done so quickly and efficiently. We also begin playing music well before your guests arrive (at least 30 minutes prior).

3. We EMCEE every event. Chris has a fantastic microphone voice that will carry and make you feel like you’re the star of the show (because YOU ARE). He will announce you and your bridal party if you’d like. Then also make any and all necessary announcement during the reception.

4. We are professional, yet affordable. If you don’t plan to have a DJ, but you’ve read this and thought, “Maybe it isn’t such a bad idea…” then you’re going to be looking to find someone quick. Our company is committed to making everyone’s wedding day special without forcing a massive price tag. Our basic package includes EVERYTHING you need for a wonderful reception without the party atmosphere for JUST $300. Seriously.

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Tips to make your mother-son dance unique

Weddings celebrate the unions of happy couples ready to pledge their lives to each other. In theory, the wedding day spotlight should be shared equally by brides and grooms. But brides often eclipse their grooms, as guests are drawn to stunning bridal gowns.

Though grooms might play second fiddle for much of their wedding days, there is one moment when all eyes are on the groom and a special lady in his life. The mother/son dance is a wedding tradition that many grooms embrace as their opportunity to show their mothers how much they love and appreciate them. The mother/son dance is an ideal time to create a special moment, and the following are some tips to personalize the dance.

  • Precede the bride and her father. Make your own tradition and switch up the timing of the dances. Be the first to take a spin on the dance floor and set the tone for the other traditional songs to come.
  • Create a photo montage. Work with an entertainment company or photographer to create a slideshow of images showing you and your mother together and separately. If possible, include some photos that were shot during the wedding ceremony, asking the photographer to capture the look on your mother’s face during pivotal moments of the ceremony.
  • Show off your dance skills. One increasingly popular wedding trend is for fathers and brides to choreograph the father/daughter dances. Grooms and their mothers can follow suit, particularly if you both have some stellar dance moves.
  • Let Mom choose the song. Give your mother the opportunity to express her sentiments to you, as mothers of the groom do not typically toast their sons during weddings or even rehearsal dinners.
  • Invite other son/mother duos up. If the idea of dancing alone with your mother is a bit intimidating, give other mothers in attendance an opportunity to share the spotlight. Celebrate all mothers in attendance, encouraging any mothers and sons who are present to dance together.

Grooms may not garner the bulk of guests’ attention on their wedding days. But they can take steps to make their special dances with their mothers more memorable and unique.



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