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Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or an elaborate million-dollar wedding, the need for entertainment is crucial.

Big Daddy Outlaw Entertainment is the solution to the ever-so-popular lack of entertainment problem. With the means and skills to host 10 guests to upwards of 500 guests, our company is ready and willing to accommodate your needs.

Our private party experience is unparalleled. The wedding shows are simply elegant and exciting. For even more fun, you and your friends may join the show by opting to have karaoke readily available at no extra cost.

What makes Big Daddy Outlaw Entertainment different is our show is based on your crowd. If children are present, you can rest assured of a clean, family-friendly show. If your party is geared towards adults, we have music and a show to accommodate it as well.  Weddings, birthdays and karaoke are just a few of the services offered by Big Daddy Outlaw Entertainment.


Chris Yow

Chris Yow
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